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New Focus & Direction

The MFC continues to grow and we couldn’t be more excited about that. It’s validation of who we are and what we stand for.

But with growth come challenges, some we anticipated and some that we didn’t. Like any successful organization, being able to quickly and effectively respond is the key. With that mindset we undertook the process of identifying problem areas and implementing solutions.

Recognizing that our Chapters do a great job of recruiting  and promoting themselves through their websites and Facebook pages, lead us to the decision that recreating those efforts here wasn’t productive. So we’ll be removing those items and replacing them with links to our existing Chapters, where you can get more information on membership and upcoming events.

With an eye always looking toward growth we’ll be adding more information on how to get a Chapter started or patch over your existing group and become part of the MFC Family.

Our Chapters are the life blood of the MFC and giving them the resources they need to succeed is the single most important function of the National Board. To accomplish that task we are redesigning the National website as a secure portal where our Chapter Officers can go to access

  • By Laws & Operational Guidelines
  • Recruiting  and Membership Resources
  • Financial Reporting Assistance
  • Rosters
  • Merchandise Production and Ordering
  • Advertizing, Web Design and Event Promotion Assistance
  • Members Only Facebook page

Finally we are busy working on our second National Convention tentatively scheduled for January of 2016. This annual event is where all our members meet National Officers, work on improvements to our organization and enjoy the camaraderie and brotherhood that is the heart of the MFC family.

Visit us again soon and begin your journey to become a member to the MFC, America’s Defenders at Home and Abroad.

New Chapters Inquires:

If we don’t have a Chapter near you or your are in another State, consider starting your own by contacting MFC National.

Note: Please list the State and County in your message

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