Thanks for your interest in the MFC Motorcycle Club Inc. This page covers some of the FAQ related to membership in the MFC. If there is something you would like to know that isn’t covered, please feel free to contact us directly by clicking Here

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What are the requirements to be considered for membership in the MFC?

There are three paths to membership in the MFC.

Regular Membership: Current or previous service in the U.S. Military, Firefighter/EMS, or Local, State or Federal Law Enforcement. Regular membership is also open to those currently employed in a support capacity to any of the above qualifying military or public service organizations.

Civilian Patriot Membership: Persons who have demonstrated support for the above service branches and outstanding citizenship, can also be eligible for membership if sponsored by a regular member of the MFC.

Any candidate for regular membership must have a valid Florida Driver License with Motorcycle Endorsement and a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit or be authorized to carry firearms off duty by virtue of their law enforcement assignment.

Any candidate for membership must own or ride an approved cruiser or touring style motorcycle. As Americans we encourage the ownership of Harley Davidson and American made motorcycles, however metric and European manufacturers are acceptable.

Associate Membership: We also offer Associate Memberships to those who want to support the MFC in its mission, but don’t qualify under one or more provisions of a regular member.

Why does the MFC require members to have and maintain a concealed weapons permit?

The MFC was founded by and will always have active and retired law enforcement officers as its core members. As such these members carry firearms and are prepared to act in defense of themselves or others. The Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights make provision for the defense of the Country by Civilian Patriots. This includes the right to have and bear firearms.

Therefore all members of the MFC carry firearms, either by virtue of their assignment as law enforcement officers or through the provisions of Florida’s Concealed Weapons Permit Law. Our members stand ready to defend themselves or others according to the provisions of Florida Law.

Members of the MFC understand that they must govern themselves according to the high standards of our service branches and will be held accountable for their actions.

What if my state prohibits the public from carrying a concealed firearm?

We understand that the laws regulating the possession and use of firearms vary greatly from state to state. The MFC National Board stands ready to work with new chapters to comply with the laws in their states.

Does the MFC have traditional probate requirements found in most motorcycle clubs?

No. While the MFC maintains traditions and ceremonies related to membership, our values don’t permit any traditional hazing of new recruits to the Club. Instead our prospective members are invited to participate with the Club in open events, evaluate the Club and decide if we are a good fit for them, their families, and their profession. If so, there is a similar evaluation period by the Club where members have the opportunity to get to know the prospect and decide if they have the personal qualities needed for membership.

Anyone with a love of motorcycles and a desire to be part of something larger than themselves, should consider joining the MFC. We are an organization that demonstrates loyalty, camaraderie and brotherhood among our members. We are committed to the freedom of riding motorcycles, charitable public works that benefit our community and always demonstrating support for those American Heroes who have and are, defending the United States of American both at home and abroad.

What is the difference between a riding club and the MFC?

One of the great benefits of membership in the MFC is trust between members the mutual confidence it inspires. We are not merely a club of individuals with a common interest. We are a Brotherhood, bound together by our love of country, commitment to service, and dedication to each other. Membership in the MFC means acceptance into something larger than self and knowledge that no matter what the circumstance, your Brothers and Sisters stand with you.

Do I need to submit an application first?

No. You don’t need anything but an interest in the MFC to join us in any of our open events or rides. Once you decide that membership is for you, then we ask for an application.

Why do you require an application?

Our application is used to verify eligibility for membership and  to provide insight as to the character of potential members. Our standards are high, and we look for people who understand and practice the principles of honor and integrity in their daily lives. It is the foundation on which our Brotherhood is built and the bond between all of our Brothers and Sisters. Earning the right to wear the MFC colors, like our service branch uniforms, is a matter of great pride for each of us.

How do I make the first step and find out more?

If you believe that the MFC may be for you, use the links under the “Chapters” tab on the menu at the top of this page to find and contact a Chapter where you live.

Becoming a Member:

After you fill out the membership application, please contact the chapter you are interested in (from the chapter page) or send you application to:

New Chapters Inquires:

If we don’t have a Chapter near you, consider starting your own by contacting MFC National.

Note: Please list the State and County in your message

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